The total payment of the travel amount must be made before the tour. Read and sign the contract and letter responsive. Driving directions for the group will be given.

The cultural tours are made walking, in tourist or mixed transport, interpreting at all times the context and atmosphere of the tourist experience of the inland.

The Times of duration and routes are subject to the agreement between the parties, climatic conditions, rhythm of the group, state of the ecosystems, roads, streets and other imponderable environmental or of urban infrastructure.


Attire: Shoe how, casual wear. By the conditions of the semi-desert sun, preferably with long sleeves, hat or cap. Sunscreen.


Reservations: Preferably three days in advance. Exceptionally 12 hours. To confirm the reservation the deposit of 50% of the total amount to be paid is required.

* Experience of tourism nature: authentic, unique, unrepeatable and exceptional. Feelings and emotions tailored to your challenges.

Designed by Arturo Morales Tirado: National Adventure Tourism Award.


* Arturo Morales Tirado, has studies of agricultural engineer Zootecnista. History, Master of Science in education. Diploma in Tourism as tour operator, DMC, event organizer, Regional Tourist guide, tourism product creator, etc. He is a non-formal researcher and lecturer on topics related to the natural and cultural heritage of the region of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. With Pavel Hernández Gómez, he is a national tourism prize.

 One of the privileges of the border land in between the volcanic Mesoamerica and Aridoamerica semi-desert, is to recognize and appreciate the natural biodiversity of is unique place with four distinct and contrasting ecosystems, such as the forest of Oaks, gallery forest, wetland yel low craicicaule scrub.


Therefore, we can see the chuinis or charas petigrises (Aphelocomaultramarina) between the volcanic tree, or the Eagle Red-tailed (Buteo Jamaicensis), in the canyonsof the geological borderas well as watching the Red Siskin Flycatcher (Pyrocephalus rubinus) as representative of the semi-desert Atotonilco to San Miguel de Allende or the spectacular birds of the wetlands as the Harrier Garzón (Ardea herodias) on season, the American Stork (Mycteria americana). Really authentic, unique and exceptional.
Experience: 3:00 hours.

Menú de Observación de Aves:

  • Avifauna del humedal y el semidesierto. Ver más:
  • Avifauna del Cañón del Charco del Ingenio. Ver más:
  • Avifauna de ríos del semidesierto. Ver más:
  • Avifauna del Cañón del Águila Cola RojaVer más:


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