Walking the secret San Miguel de Allende.

Unveiling the keys of S.M.A.

The unique mood ...

   Walking through the Historic Center of San Miguel de Allende, the most preserved of the Continent, each visitor will discover in their emotions and feelings, the keys of its authentic, unique and exceptional value, recognized by UNESCO in 2008.

    The interaction with its streets, mansions, monuments, squares and gardens; Accompanied by the voice, warmth and attitude of those who live and enjoy them day by day will make you feel the unique atmosphere of San Miguel de Allende, unveiled for you.


   Before the tour, make the total payment of the amount of the tour. Read the contract and responsive letter, and sign them. Receive the indications and driving instructions within the group and in this type of ecosystems to give priority to safety.


The cultural tours are done in tourist transport and / or walking the streets of the viceregal context of the region, with the kindness and atmosphere of the Border Inside. Even so, they are subject to changes of route and duration, depending on the climatic conditions, state of the ecosystems, roads, streets and other imponderables environmental or public infrastructure.


Clothing: Comfortable shoe, casual clothing, by the conditions of the Sun of the semi-desert, preferably with long sleeves; Hat or cap are not over, if the traveler is sensitive skin: sun block.


Preferably three days in advance. Exceptionally with 12 hours. To reserve a deposit of 50% of the total motorcycle to pay is required.

Itinerary: Once the contact with us, via email we will send it to you.

Added value

Added value: Visits to houses and mansions and at all times, the guide interprets the exceptional value of San Miguel de Allende in its cultural, social and ecological heritage

* Nature tourism experience: authentic, unique, unrepeatable and exceptional. Sensations and emotions tailored to your challenges.

    Designed by Arturo Morales Tirado: National Adventure Tourism Award.


Arturo Morales Tirado counts on studies of Agronomist Zootecnista, History, Master in Sciences of the Education, Diplomado in Tourism like touristic operator. Non-formal researcher, lecturer, manager and promoter of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Center of the Country, National Tourism Prize.

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