Tierra Adentro San Miguel de Allende.

Tourism that amazes, amazement that makes you feel alive, life that vibrates, vibrations that excite you for a lifetime...


In the vast and diverse landscape of the frontier inland, we invite you to live: trekking, mountaineering, birdwatching, mountain bike riding, observation and interpretation of biodiversity in 4 different ecosystems: Oak forest, semi-desert, Wetland and gallery Forest. Link to nature Tours.


Kilometers of cultural landscape: paleontological deposits, archeological sites, chapels of Indians, helmets of ex-haciendas, viceregal dams, baroque sanctuaries, temples of the Viceroyalty, eclectic monuments of the Porfiriato, processions, celebrations Popular and more. Link to Cultural tourism.


In spectacular sceneries, imbued with historical loads and meanings, of millenary cultural evolution, experience: Horseback riding, zip-lining, balloon-flying, off-road vehicles. All the above crossing canyons, forests, hills, rivers and lagoons. Link to adventure tourism.

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