Balloon ride in the countryside of San Miguel de Allende.

The experience in San Miguel de Allende sky.

The experience Fly in Globo, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating and peaceful sensations of San Miguel de Allende in which it allows us the balloon flight. Unique magic to admire, in its context, the most preserved city of the Spanish viceroyalty in America to the exact rhythm of the thermal currents on one of the most important tourist destinations of the Orbe and site Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


    Enjoy this experience in the privacy that you require for that unforgettable moment, from 2 persons up to 6. Enjoy in the privacy that you choose to float in the exceptional landscapes of the Border Land, in the region of San Miguel de Allende - Atotonilco and Its Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, all of them cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO (2008 and 2010).


To realize the experience flies in balloon, it is necessary to sign the contract-letter responsive individually and have paid the total of the service.

Restricted to people with severe heart disease, people and the state of drunkenness, who have consumed drugs, pregnant women, under 5 years of age.

For safety reasons there are no flights with adverse weather conditions: winds greater than 12 km/h, poor visibility, rain, etc.

DGAC prohibits flights in hot air balloons over cities.

In case of cancellation, you can make a return of up to 70% or grant a replacement voucher of the experience flies in balloon.


Comfortable shoe, casual wear, by semi desert sun conditions, shirt, blouse or long sleeve t-shirt, hat or cap. Sunscreen.

Reservations with:
50% advance of the total.
2. Full name of each Pax.
3. Weight of each passenger.
4. Date of birth.
5. Phone
6. Email


Departures and timetables:


Monday to Sunday.


Appointment: 6:00 am at Hotel reception or residence.

Added value

Tourist hosted, pilots, balloons certified and registered. Company with more than 35 years of experience, the highest in latin America.

* Experience of nature toursm: authentic, unique, unrepeatable and exceptional. Feelings and emotions tailored to your challenges.
Designed by Arturo Morales Tirado: National Adventure Tourism Award.


**Arturo Morales Tirado has studies of agronomist Zootecnista, History, Master of Science in education. Diploma in Tourism as tour operator, D.M.C., creator of tourist product, Regional guide of tourism. He is a non-formal researcher-manager of the Natural and Cultural patrimony of the center of the country. With Pavel Hernández: National Tourism Award.




1.--Transportation hotel-concentration site, takeoff site, landing site, hotel headquarters. Lodging Hotel.


2.-Experience information.


3.-Experience. Fly in Globo San Miguel de Allende. Approximate flight duration: 50 minutes.


4. Breakfast and traditional toast.


5 Flight certificate.


6. Gifts.

C O N T A C T :                       


I P H O N E:                       (4 1 5)  1 0 1  0 3  9 3                      TE E L E F O N O:  (4 1 5) 1 2  0 0  7 8 3