Ziplines plus cavalcade of San Miguel de Allende

over than 100 meters high ...

0.600 Km of total adrenaline

In 4 zip lines, it traverses 0.600 kilometers of the spectacular Red Tail Hawk Canyon, in the foothills of San Miguel de Allende´s volcano and lives with this spectacular bird that has permanently, in that place, its nest. The longest zipline is 270 meters long, stretching more than 100 meters above the surface of the river bed. The view of San Miguel de Allende and the old San Miguel Valley, today "Presa Allende" are spectacular. We finish crossing the Canyon on the Suspension Bridge.

Added Value.:

Only 15 minutes from the center of San Miguel de Allende, in a natural canyon of the volcano of San Miguel you can live the adrenalinic experience of the highest and longest shots of the State with the highest safety standards **. The climax of the experience is the journey of more than 100 meters of the Hanging Bridge over more than 105 meters in height. Exceptional!


 ** Ziplines are triple anchored with steel anchors drowned in concrete at more than 1 meter, specialized harnesses have double line with carabiners with padlocks and pulley with double bearing, plus helmet).

* Nature tourism experience: authentic, unique, unrepeatable and exceptional. Sensations and emotions tailored to your challenges.

    Designed by Arturo Morales Tirado: National Adventure Tourism Award. And Sergio Bautista.


Clothing: Long trousers, long shirt or shirt, long hair collected, shoe closed and comfortable to walk on trails of semi-desert. Sunscreen.

Notice: For safety, control and enjoyment only take your cell phone or camera, dark glasses, chains, scarves, chews, etc., are restricted.

Reservations: Preferably at least five days in advance. Exceptionally with 24 hours. To confirm the reservation is required to cover 50% of the total amount, the name of each participant, his date of birth.

Arturo Morales Tirado counts on studies of Agronomist Zootecnista, History, Master in Sciences of the Education, Diplomado in Tourism like touristic operator. Non-formal researcher, lecturer, manager and promoter of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Center of the Country, National Tourism Prize.


It includes: 1. - Tour by 4 tirolesas, on the Canyon of the Red Tail Cola with about 0.600 Km of length, being the longest tirolesa of 270 ms of length and near 100 meters of height on the 2,000 ms.n.m. Transfers from the visitor center to the first station on the zip line.

  2.- Prior information of the experience.

  3.- Experience. Tyrolean San Miguel. Approximate duration: 4:00 hours.

RESTRICTIONS: To do the San Miguel 7 + P Zipline Experience, it is necessary to sign the contract - individual responsive letter and have paid the total of the service.

  Restricted to people with severe heart conditions, people who are intoxicated, who have used drugs, pregnant women, children under 5 years.

  For security reasons there is no zip line and / or suspension bridge if weather conditions are adverse: winds greater than 40 km k / h,

  Poor visibility, rain, etc.

  In case of cancellation, a refund of up to 80% can be made canceling 7 days before; 50% canceling 3 days before. 20% canceling 24 hours before.

Tirolesas de San Miguel de Allende 4 + cabalgata (Precio por persona)

Recorrido turístico de 4 Tirolesas sobre el Cañón del Águila Cola Roja en el Volcán de San Miguel de Allende (Palo Huérfano o Los Picachos), más cabalgata.



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