Trekking through indigenas viceroy chapels.

The experience:

The experience: Trekking along the old trails that came together with the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro and agricultural areas around the Laja River and San Damián River, we visited the old command centers of the indigenous groups that worked on haciendas, Catholic shrines and faenas Of the ancient route of silver, revealing the syncretism expressed in architecture, design and painting of the so-called Chapels of Indians, or relatives who explain and give meaning to part of the current magic of San Miguel de Allende.


Added value:

   In this experience, with the interpretation of the specialized guide, you will live the flora and fauna of this crossing of roads and ecosystems (semi-desert, wetland and riparian forest), result of a geological and biological evolution of more than 50 million years. In addition to the above, you will vibrate with the sense of the enormous cultural heritage of Mesoamerican and European - Spanish indigenous roots.




   Closed shoe, preferably hiking boots, long-sleeved shirt; Long pants (preferably blue jeans). Hat, for people with sensitive skin: sun block.



Ideally one week in advance, preferably three days in advance, exceptionally with 12 hours. To reserve a deposit of 50% of the total amount payable is required.


Before starting the tour, the total amount of the tour must be paid. Read the contract and responsive letter and sign them. Receive the indications and driving instructions within the group and the type of ecosystems visited, to privilege their preservation and safety of visitors.

    Touristic or nature tours, culture and adventure are subject to changes of route or duration, depending on the weather conditions, state of the ecosystems, roads, streets and other imponderables environmental, vehicular traffic or public infrastructure.

* Nature tourism experience: authentic, unique, unrepeatable and exceptional. Sensations and emotions tailored to your challenges.

    Designed by Arturo Morales ** Tirado: National Award for Adventure Tourism.

** Arturo Morales Tirado, counts on studies of Agronomist Zootecnista, History, masters in Education and diverse graduates in Tourism. She is an activist and manager of the natural and cultural heritage and has more than 5 years of experience in tourism. Together with Pável Hernández, he was National Tourism Award in 2010.

Base Itinerary:

    Chapel of Casquemos de San Miguel, Chapel of the Lord of Health, Señor Santiaguito, San Mateo, Chapel of the Kings.

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