Amazing Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

Dates 2024: Thank you to everyone who participated in this exceptional experience.

TOURS WITH A CAUSE. NIÑOS CON AUTISMO SMA, A.C. FEBRUARY / 14, 23 & MARCH 1/2024. 20% for this cause.

From San Miguel de Allende & Guanajuato.

Visit the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in Sierra Chincua, is an experience, lived with intensity in one or two days, departing from San Miguel de Allende, or Guanajuato capital in tourist transport. This experience includes the interpretation of the context at all times of the last installment of the great migration from "The Great Lakes of North America to the Michoacán Sierra of Douglas fir (Abies religious), over 10,000 feet over the sea level in the mazahua area, one of the oldest and most interesting ethnic groups in Mexico.

Throughout the day, we discovered the amazing phenomenon of permanent annual migration of the Monarch Butterfly (Dannaus phlexipus), how our species (Hommo sapiens) is putting in danger of extinction and proposals and solutions put in place to this amazing natural phenomenon can persist and continue to admire.

   Enjoy nature, culture and adventure tourism of quality with the experience over 20 years of visiting this shrine and drive hundreds of groups at the same; Arturo Morales Tirado * leads you to the deep mystery and mysticism of one of the last natural phenomena remain within our admiration and near your understanding in interaction with a community of Mesoamerican indigenous descent. An authentic, unique, threatened and extraordinary experience led by one of the best tour operators in this amazing phenomenon. not to be missed.

   During the visit to the Sierra Chincua Sanctuary, we are at 10,000 feet over the sea leavel, and an average of 16 Celsius degrees temperature range 8-20 degrees, so we recommend dressing in clothes mountain, hiking boots or at least tennis lace. We provide fruit and lunch along the way, including water, which is important to drink before going up to the mountains. If you are sensitive to sunlight bring your sunblock and do not forget your camera.

* Arturo Morales Tirado: features college Zootecnist Agronomist, History, Master of Science in Education, Diploma in Tourism. It is not formal researcher with over 30 years in central Mexico, lecturer. Also, manager and developer of natural and cultural heritage, of the México Country Central area. Among other activities has been Director of Environment and Ecology in the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, President of the Audubon Society of Mexico, AC and member of the Municipal Council of Ecological Zoning Plan of San Miguel de Allende. Currently a member of the Association of Cultural Heritage Farms Mexico, AC and the Palaeontological Scientific Association and San Miguel de Allende, AC Has an experience of over 20 years touring. With Pavel Gómez Hernández, has been awarded the National Tourism Award and Award IXMATI tourism in the state of Guanajuato.
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