Hiking inside Red Tail Hawk Canyon. 50% for Asociación de Niños con Autismo de S.M.A., A.C.

September, Saturday 2 / 2023.

This Saturday, September 2, starting at 10:15 in the morning, leaving the parking lot of the La Luciérnaga Shopping Center, in front of Soriana, we will walk towards the emblematic Cerro de las Tres Cruces and, from there, we will go into the Red Tail Hawk Canyon; interpreting at all times the natural and cultural heritage of Palo Huérfano volcano and its slopes on which they have founded, among others: Atotonilco, La Cieneguita, Cruz del Palmar and, of course, in the Cerro del Montequehuma (smoking mount): San Miguel de Allende . On this occasion, the cause is the Asociación de Niños con Autismo de S.M.A., A.C. From the original price of $ 500.00 pesos / person, beyond the cost of recovery, the 50% will be donated.

15 minutes from the main plaza of San Miguel de Allende, runs one of the most spectacular volcanic canyons and interprets the biodiversity of one of the most unique ecosystems in the Inland Border. This experience is designed by Arturo Morales Tirado, co-creator of Bicentennial SUV, national tourism award, former director of environment and local ecology and president of the Audubon Society of Mexico, A.C.


In this experience , the guide at all times interpret the flora and fauna as they will visit , as well as interpret the geological evolution of the geographical location. It gives complimentary bottle of water .

conditions :


   Before starting the tour is required to make payment of the amount of the tour , as well as read the contract and responsive letter , which must be signed prior to travel . It is also mandatory for users to receive directions and driving instructions within the group and in this type of ecosystem to privilege security. Adventure tours and / or nature are subject to change route and duration, depending on weather conditions, state of ecosystems , roads, streets and other public infrastructure or environmental imponderables.




   Preferably with three days notice. Exceptionally 12 hours . To book a deposit of 50 % of the total payable bike is required.


Recommended dress :


   Back shoe , preferably hiking boots , shirt , blouse, long sleeved shirt , long pants (best if its denim ) . Hat, if the traveler is sensitive skin : sunscreen.

 Teléfono:  (415) 12 00 783
Celular:      (415) 101 03 93

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