Live crossbreeding, Morelia and Pátzcuaro.

Our experience

From a single day, or, 2 or more days, leaving San Miguel de Allende, in first-class tourist transport, the experience of one of the States of the Mexican Republic with the largest number of indigenous communities and a deep sense of millenarian identity is experienced. At only two hours, we are in ancient Valladolid, today Morelia, designated by UNESCO, in 1991, Cultural heritage of humanity; The above, because of its enormous millenary cultural richness and its beautiful monuments, architecture and urban design, with a high degree of conservation. Only 50 minutes from Morelia, is the lake of Pátzcuaro with its dozens of Purépecha communities, distributed around the utopia of the founder and regional hero: Fray Vasco de Quiroga Ó, Tata Vasco.

Places of Interest:

Bajio Guanajuato, territory of the seven luminaries, lakes of Yuridia and Cuitzeo. Colonial city of Morelia, with: Monumental aqueduct, neoclassical cathedral, stately historic center, San Francisco temple, spectacular restaurants, murals in the palaces of government and justice, its regional museum and the only, San Diego temple (S. XVIII ) or sanctuary of Guadalupe, with the unique interior decoration of Joaquín Orta (1915). In the lake area of Pátzcuaro: Tupátaro, Tzintzuntzan (with its archaeological site and extraordinary atrium and regional museum), Santa Fe de la Laguna, Erongarícuaro, Quiroga; In the city of Pátzcuaro: The Basilica of the Solitude, House of the 11 patios, Plaza Tata Vasco, Augustinian Temple with murals of O´Gorman, its regional food. To the foregoing, we must add the visit to the workshops of artisans of different and varied artistic expressions of mestizo and indigenous roots.


  Before the tour, make the total payment of the travel amount. Read the contract and letter responsive, and sign them. Receive the indications and instructions of driving within the group and in this type of ecosystems to privilege the safety.

Cultural tours are made in tourist transport and/or walking through the streets of the colonial context of the region, with the friendliness and atmosphere of the inland frontier. However, they are subject to changes in route and duration, depending on the weather conditions, state of the ecosystems, roads, streets and other imponderable environmental or public infrastructure.


Attire: Comfortable shoe, casual wear, by the conditions of the semi-desert sun, preferably with long sleeves, hat or cap are not too much, if the traveler is sensitive skin: sunscreen.

Reservations: Preferably three days in advance. Exceptionally 12 hours. To reserve is required the deposit of 50% of the total bike to be paid.

Itinerary: Once you have made contact with us, we will send it to you via email. 

Added value:

  This exceptional place of universal art and the deep history of the motherland is interpreted from its time, space and evolving circumstances to the present day. Adding the own and surrounding attractions to this destination, including the mines and its impressive external structures, viceregal monuments, its typical food and exceptional restaurants.

 * Experience of tourism nature: authentic, unique, unrepeatable and exceptional. Feelings and emotions tailored to your challenges.

Designed by Arturo Morales Tirado **: National Adventure Tourism Award.

** Arturo Morales Tirado has studies of agronomist Zootecnista, History, Master of Science in Education, diploma in tourism as a tour operator. Non-formal investigator, lecturer, manager and promoter of the Natural and Cultural patrimony of the center of the country, national prize of tourism.

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