Adrenaline - culture and nature!

By the old silver road...

In the exceptional experience of vibrating in all-terrain vehicles (quad and ATVs), it traverses the unique landscape of the four ecosystems of San Miguel de Allende: oak forest, semi-desert, wetland and gallery forest (canyons) and Add to your experience the interpretation of the natural and cultural heritage of this route impregnated with adventure, nature and culture through rolling in the spectacular places that runs the route designed by Arturo Morales Tirado * by which he obtained in the company of Pavel Hernández Prize National Tourism in 2010.

Added value:

In all-terrain vehicles of the right size and variety for your maximum experience (double quad bikes over 350 cc and rhino all-terrain "carts"), travel the historic route of silver and the first insurgency of the historic Camino Real and its wetlands and Semi-desert around San Miguel de Allende. Perfect balance between adrenaline, nature and culture Unique!

* Nature tourism experience: authentic, unique, unrepeatable and exceptional. Sensations and emotions tailored to your challenges.
   Designed by Arturo Morales Tirado**: National Adventure Tourism Award.
**Arturo Morales Tirado counts on studies of Agronomist Zootecnista, History, Masters in Sciences of the Education. Diploma in Tourism as a Tour Operator, D.M.C., Creator of Tourism Product, Regional Tourism Guide. He is a non-formal researcher - manager of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Center of the Country. With Pável Hernández: National Tourism Award.



   Long trousers, long shirt or shirt, long hair collected, shoe closed and comfortable to walk on trails of semi-desert. Sunscreen. Notice: For safety, control and enjoyment only take your cell phone or camera, dark glasses, chains, scarves, chews, etc., are restricted.

Preferably at least five days in advance. Exceptionally with 24 hours. To confirm the reservation is required to cover 50% of the total amount, the name of each participant, his date of birth.




1.- ATV, ATV, UTV - Rhino, UTV tour - on the part of the Silver Route of the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro; From San Miguel de Allende, through: Old FFCC Station, San Miguel Viejo, Laja River Wetland, and volcanic and scenic slopes of San Miguel de Allende volcano.


 2.- Prior information of the experience.
 3.- Experience All Terrain Inland, approximate duration: 3:00 hours.

RESTRICTIONS: In order to perform the Inland All Terrain Experience, it is necessary to sign the contract - individual responsive letter and have paid the total of the service.

 Restricted to people with severe cardiac conditions, bone or joint injuries, people inxicated or any psychotropic substance, under the influence of drugs, pregnant women, children under 5 years.
 Experiences in all-terrain vehicles are subject to availability and changes in routes and itineraries due to adverse weather conditions: winds greater than 50 km k / h,
 Poor visibility, rain, etc.
 In case of cancellation due to atmospheric reasons, a refund of up to 80% can be made canceling 7 days before; 50% canceling 3 days before. 20% canceling 24 hours before.

Aventura Todo Terreno Tierra Adentro en cuatrimoto individual, doble UTV 4 Pax ó UTV 2 Pax

Recorrido en vehículo todo terreno por parte de la Ruta de la Plata del Camino Real de Tierra Adentro; desde San Miguel de Allende, pasando por: Antigua Estación de FFCC, San Miguel Viejo, Humedal del río de la Laja, y laderas volcánicas y escénicas del volcán de San Miguel de Allende.



  • disponible
  • Plazo de entrega 1 - 3 días

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